Who we are and what we do

Justice4All is a forum for people to bring their individual cases into the public domain if they choose to do so, It is entirely optional . It is a legitimate forum sponsored by a number of elected TDs who are committing their time to ensure that these cases are brought to the highest level possible (Dail Eireann, the Taoiseach, Minister for Justice Etc.). It is managed by a committee , most of whom have their own individual cases. We are about pointing out the discrepancies in the Legal System , the judiciary and the Gardai in Ireland. We need people to get together to put pressure on the highest levels in Government. We are not just referring people to GSOC, that is not the intention, as a matter of fact, it was the same TDs who proposed a complete overhaul of the GSOC last year in a bill which was defeated in the Dail. We are about power in numbers , we have the support of a lot of separate groups in Ireland , including people like Integrity Ireland, Reality Ireland etc.. We need to be together, thousands of us and show that we have a voice, We are not seeking new “legislation” we are not about getting credit for anything. We simply want the thousands , and I mean Thousands of injustices that are carried on in this country to be properly addressed and dealt with fairly as they should be.

When we ask people to submit their stories or cases we are offering them an opportunity to highlight their case on the Website if they want to do that. We want the general public to see , at one point of reference , all that is wrong , corrupt and unjust. That is why we want people to let us know in their own words, preferably in the form of an Affidavit , so as we can publish the truth on the website. It is completely voluntary … But remember this… “when the herd sticks together, the Lion backs down”

Justice4all.ie is a newly formed group of TDs and individuals who have, over the last year, come together to seek justice for victims of the Irish legal system particularly at the hands of An Gardai Siochana in the Republic.

Justice4all.ie is unique from other support groups in that it has been established by four current TDs: Clare Daly, TD., Mick Wallace, TD., Luke ‘Ming’Flanagan, TD., and Joan Collins TD. They, in response to calls from all across the Republic , set up justice4all with initial meetings in The Red Cow.

Numbers have since grown significantly. This is due to the range of injustices visited upon citizens over the years at the hands of the Gardai, DPP, The Courts, and the Irish legal system.

The justice4all committee works with victims by setting out clearly what is required in order to formally present their cases. Securing affidavits are a key element of this process so when this is supplied we take up your cause.

The committee also works in tandem with the founding TDs, liasing with them in the preparation and framing of Legislation, Parliamentary Questions, meeting with Ministers etc.